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Transport, Spedycja drogowa, Gdynia
Transport, Spedycja drogowa, ADR, Logistyka, Gdynia
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Safety. Punctuality. Commitment. Flexibility. Experience. Competitiveness.

This we give to start with. Only now can we begin discussing the conditions of cooperation.

You have the cargo. We have a way to move it.


Strong tarpaulin transport fleet

Our trucks with canvas semi-trailers can be spotted throughout Europe. We are constantly on the move, packed to the brim, always on time. Our customers know that we will transport any type of cargo safely. We load from the rear, side, and top. We take pallets or anything that you commission. We believe that your cargo should be well-cared for. That’s what we provide!


Movable special-purpose floors

Do you need trailers with a moving floor system? We have exactly what you need! The advanced technology allows for automatic loading. It is perfect for bulk and palletized cargo. We carry dry goods, including broadly defined recycling products. We use the latest innovations to supply you with great services.


Challenges shape us. Check us out!

We cross thousands of kilometres with palletized and bulk goods. High-end vehicles, experienced drivers, professional tools. We also accept custom tasks fro demanding transportation. Controlled-temperature transportation, ADR cargo, containers.


Firstly – ON TIME!

All your priorities are also our priorities. We are aware that the goods are to be delivered on time, every time. We have modern tools for delivery time control. We are constantly in touch with our drivers on routes worldwide.

We all work towards your success!
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Secondly - FLEXIBLY!

Customers who have been using our services for years appreciate our flexible terms. These include manufacturers, distributors, logistics centres, forwarding companies. We can prepare a price estimation for services adequate to anyone’s needs.

Simply put, you can count on us!


Our mission is to offer a top quality service to make the customer happy to come back. We have cars that are ready and waiting to carry all your cargo. We have experience in efficient logistics in any direction. We travel all over Europe, and we do it at the best price.

Try us and you will be happy to come back!

Container transport? But of course!

We are entrusted to transport containers throughout Europe.


Our team is waiting for your orders 7 days a week. Around the clock.

You can sleep peacefully. We will keep watch.

BFinternational, Gdynia, Transport
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Dynamic. Committed. Experienced.

We react on an ongoing basis. We make decisions quickly.

Did you know that:

We are known as the industry's fastest-growing brand with very competitive prices.

We are skilled in full-vehicle transport: on pallets and in bulk, in containers, and of ADR cargo.

We carry out all orders, as we have the right equipment, technology and knowledge.

Domestic and international transport

We can go anywhere. Our customers can attest to this.

We have a fleet that also includes specialized equipment.

Our team of professionals is working to deliver your goods on time to the correct location.

Remember. There are no impossible jobs. There are only our impossibly good services.

Łukasz Perkowski

Łukasz Perkowski

Managing Director

At BF International…
I take on heavy tasks
and handle them efficiently.
At work, I like…
When everything works as it should.
I then raise the bar.
With me, you can…
Negotiate terms of cooperation,
and conclude a beneficial agreement.

Krystyna Perkowska

Krystyna Perkowska


At BF International…
I have a pleasant privilege
of holding the purse strings.
At work, I like…
Countable matters and clearly
defined expectations.
With me, you can…
Talk about payments,
especially ones that come on time.

Małgorzata Hajdasz

Małgorzata Hajdasz

Forwarding specialist

At BF International…
I make wonders happen, so orders
are delivered on time & the right place.
At work, I like…
Putting out fires,
before they even start.
With me, you can…
Plan your dream trip.
Preferably with a large load.

Wioletta Skowrońska

Wioletta Skowrońska


At BF International…
I usually talk on the phone
and even get paid for it!
At work, I like…
To implement budgets and tasks,
and gain fulfilment from my work!
With me, you can…
Learn how to be quick,
efficient and pro-active.

Emilia Karpowicz

Emilia Karpowicz

Sales specialist

At BF International…
I put our services into one
ideal package for our customers.
At work, I like…
Building good relationships,
preferably ones that will last many years to come.
With me you can…
Tell me your wish,
and I will grant it at a great price.